What ABOUT: IWantToBuildIT.com?


Why would you give a cr@& about IWantToBuildIT.com???

  • Because you're part of a dying breed. The breed of great men who prefer to be building something than getting their chest hair waxed!
  • Because you're a handy SOB and you're darn proud of it!
  • Because you believe that all men deserve to nurture their creativity!


Well, I share all those feelings. This place is about helping our dying breed of true handy men survive this modern era.


Who the heck am I???

I'm Gabriel Simard.

I'm some random guy that's obsessed with creativity, ingenuity and being artistic. I used to care what people thought. But not anymore. Building, disassembling and fixing things along with being artistically creative is what I'm about, and who I am. If you would like to hear more for some reason, check out my summary of qualifications as a handy man.


What might you find on IWantToBuildIT.com?

  1. You'll find cool builds and How-Tos related to cars, man caves, hobbies, tools and general male oriented interests!
  2. You'll also find deep thoughts, inner feelings, rants and topics for the creative man - We are human beings too!


But what if you didn't find what you were looking for?

Well… It's possible you're not part of the dying breed of true handy men. Or, maybe I need to add to the site? Let me know what you were looking for! Maybe I can do something about it.


This site is young… I'll be blogging, adding content and building the site as I go! So check back for new content if so inclined.

Whether you're actively artistic, creative, hands on, or even aspire to be - we have something in common. One day we'll all be gone - and the things we built will be left for people to see and understand what we were about - Let's not let our creativity go to waste.